5 beautiful spaces to relax in

Our slippers are conceived to help you feel at home and at ease, and they're designed in the spirit of minimalism, functionality and comfort. A home that features the same traits can only be perfect for unwinding after a day's work. We believe that a beautiful, uncluttered space is crucial for good living, just like a pair of excellent indoor shoes. 


1. This multifunctional corner can be used as a home office, but the ladder (literally) takes it to another level. The sofa on top has plenty of light from the window wall, which makes it an ideal reading spot (photo source). 


2. This white space with wooden accents is cozy and versatile. Our favorite part is the alcove, which brings a little intimacy into an otherwise open space (photo source). 


3. These huge windows mean lots of light as well as a fine view. The comfortable armchair means you can do anything from morning coffee to  people watching (photo source). 


4. Minimalism at its best, with neutral colours and lots of leg space. This spot screams afternoon naps and blog reader browsing (photo source). 

5. Step away from the desk and lounge on a sofa by the window. This industrial space doesn't neglect comfort, it's well lit and perfectly neat (photo source). 


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