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As a nation, we aren’t particularly adept at taking time out and relaxing, seemingly preferring to follow a gruelling week in the office with technology-filled evenings and action packed weekends. As this Saturday is National Relaxation Day, we are taking a step back from our busy lives and offering up a selection of ideas for how to wind things down and enjoy a relaxing day off.

Slip on a pair of mahabis and enjoy an entire day of taking it easy with our list of calming ways to spend your Saturday.


Wake yourself up with light exercise

Start your day the right way with a yoga session, a jog or a swim. Reduce stress and release endorphins, and set yourself up for a relaxing day.

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Switch off from technology and go on an adventure

Whatever your plans are for the day, ensure that they involve at least a few hours break from your smart phone, laptop and television. Resolve not to check your email all day, try to leave your phone in your bag and think for yourself rather than resorting to google.  

If you find yourself constantly checking the time, wear a watch instead; or if you communicate with your friends throughout the day, try to make the effort to see them in person. Make a conscious effort to do something out of the ordinary. Explore a new town, head off on a road trip and spend time with people you don't see often, with your phones switched off and placed out of sight. 


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Get outdoors

Whether you simply walk to the local grocery shop, or embark on a relaxing stroll around a park, take some time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. We’re not suggesting that you hike up a mountain (that wouldn’t be very relaxing), but a short stroll is sure to clear your head.

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Head to a coffee shop 

Walk on down to your local coffee shop and spend time watching the world go by. Take some coffee break inspiration from around the world, and check out how these countries enjoy their daily beverage.   

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Read a book

Curl up on your favourite armchair, or take a blanket to the park and get stuck into a good book. Reading is the perfect escapism from the stress of everyday life, allowing your mind to wander from things that may have been worrying you.

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Take a nap

As in our recent article, studies have shown that having a short nap in the afternoon can reenergise you and boost stamina. Taking time out to lay down your head is the perfect way to break up your day and revitalise you in time for evening plans.

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