mahabis photography // osborne macharia, maasai home keepers

we're amazed by this portrait series by osborne macharia, a compelling depiction of the grace and strength of the maasai home keepers.

the role of the maasai culture is to watch over the cattle and protect them from animal and human intruders. they have remained the foremost cattle keepers in terms of wealth, land control, and influence in kenya and tanzania for centuries. today, the maasai have maintained their traditions, garb, and lifestyle and continue to play a prominent role in kenyan culture.

rarely does a portrait set evoke the emotion that macharia has captured here. at once capturing depth and vibrancy.

there's a poignancy here that we love. a fusion of the heritage and the cutting edge, accented through the way the colours and edges are lifted. anyway! enough of our interpretation, here are some fabulous example of the portrait series.


osborne macharia is a commercial photographer and artist based in nairobi, kenya. you can see more of his work here

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