mahabis fashion film // anna kras with lou & grey

we love the synergy between this new lifestyle brand lou & grey and model ana kràs who graced their first ever fashion film shot in marfa, texas.

kràs, a serbian-born furniture maker, illustrator, photographer and model, turned the camera on her film makers during the campaign,  our favourites are her spontaneous landscapes snapped at dusk or in the early twilight.

shot with a small digital camera on-the-fly, the images display an imperfect beauty and a casual in-the-moment attitude. kràs has a kindred spirit to the brand striving to represent comfort, freedom and elegance.  according to austyn zung, creative director, the lou stands for a tomboyish quality and grey gives a soft welcoming feel.

the grey of her blurs show movement and mystery, and yet we get a sense of place.

also featured in the campaign and in kràs' still images is dan dyer, a local country musician whose brief shadowy appearance adds to the authenticity and mystique.

kràs originally came to america in 2011 to photograph musician devendra banhalt for a european magazine. he asked her to marry him within a few minutes of their meeting. she said ‘no’, but they now share a loft in new york’s east village. her work is known for its vague retro feel and subtly, and she strives for softness.

like kràs the filmmaker tom craig is a foreigner to the landscape (a brit). one of our favourite parts is kràs looking out at the cattle like aliens and the cattle look back at the camera in the same way. another highlight is kràs juxtapose on top of cliff dwarfed by the vastness.

photos courtesy ana kars

video courtesy nowness

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