mahabis photography // julien douvier's cinemagraphs

it`s a little surprising that this cute technique hasn't been used more often in fashion and art photography.

'cinemagraphs' are still photographs with tiny repeted movements in certain parts. the term was coined in around 2011 byphotographers kevin burg and jamie beck, who used the technique to animate their fashion images. however the technique can be traced back to 2008 when it was used to advertise the video game mirror's edge.

in this series of photos emerging french photographer julien douvier has focused on small gestures.

what makes a fashion cinemagraph work is the subtleness of the movement that makes the viewer give the clothes a second glance. 

douvier is working here on existing fashion shots from the  berluti  fashion brand campaign. we like the soft natural texture of the fabrics in neutral greys and pale blues that he has chosen to enhance.

in these next couple of photographs taken from his photo essay entitled insouciancedouvier has played with reflection and light keeping the human subject still. on his website he also offers music to play as you view.


the photo above is one of our favourites with the pluming dust in the light above her head giving the shot a haunting and compelling ambience.

douvier has also produced fascinating photoessays with cinemagraph in shopping malls, storms, playgrounds and even computers has us thinking about scrunching our toes and kicking up our heels (ever so slightly) in our mahabis slippers while chilling out on a rainy day.

you can find more at his website

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