mahabis photograpahy // nicoline patricia malina, dance, peace, love

while many fashion photographers from the west go to exotic locations to enrich their portfolio, nicoline patricia malina was born into an architectual and natural wonderland. we love the way her camera lens and subjects seem at home in our exotic.

from her insider's eye, we see a matrix of tiny details, large open windows and doorways with deep rich gardens that go back in time and space.

intricate patterns, bold beading, and an overlay of sheer textiles - it`s about the drape and unexpected soft texture. islands, jungles, tropical gardens, temples and ruins from various religious get more interesting as they age.

malina uses traditonal architecture to frame her subjects and then she re-frames them again, digitally. the title of the series dance, peace, love avoids the word 'pray', while still celebrating joy and spirituality of all faiths.

her images have a deep field of vision that give the pictures an echoing effect. at times, the human subject and the architectural subject seem one.

the model's gesture just begins to tell the story, the collage of objects adds the narrative, but still we are left to wonder.

her images give us a glance at a timeless indonesia, where the modern and ancient meld, where beauty is as important as the practical, and where religions and tribes blend (at least in her beautiful visions).

nicoline patricia malina was born in surabaya, indonesia, and now lives and works around jakarta. she has done editorial work for magazines including elle, harper's bazaar, esquire and maxim. her commercial clients include lux, ponds and dove.

for more about nicoline click here and to see the rest of this series on behance click here.

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