mahabis architecture // konrad jamrozik's concrete country house

is this the future of country houses? we love the visualisation for this country house by polish architect konrad jamrozik, and how he rethinks the roles of concrete and nature within his design.

set in the woods, jamrozik's country-house looks like the kind of design that will blend with the environment unobtrusively and become at one with it. it projects a sense of calm, openness and timelessness.


while in the tropics concrete has been considered a quick and cheap building material, in the cool climates of europe the advantages of concrete have been somewhat overlooked. concrete offers strength, durability and excellent thermal mass; retaining internal temperatures so well that it is actually much more energy efficient in cool climates.

jamrozik has considered the material, the environment and the shape very well here. it kind of reminds us of the sydney opera house, one of the world's most beautiful buildings which wouldn't be nearly as magical if it didn't marry with the natural environment.

the sydney opera house's shell is made of a pre-cast concrete created uniquely for the project. this house adopts the same idea on a practical budget,  with the addition of crisp but slightly off-white tiles. these serve to reflect nature by changing in hue at different times of the day and during different seasons. 

the open balconies flow through the rooms and assumedly take inspiration from warmer clients and jungle resorts. we can just imagine slipping on our slippers and chilling out in this innovative house.

discover more of konrad jamrozik's work at you can find more images of his designs at behance.


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