mahabis landscape photography // stockholm archipelago by anders sellin

swedish photographer anders sellin has captured the stockholm archipelago in a series of photographs that portray the ambience of a simple scandanavian cottage in a sweeping landscape. we too are swept up with the idea of huddling away the spring in a remote cottage and potentially writing an avant-garde masterpiece.

uniquely imagined from above in sellin's series, we are taken back to the viking age when the sea and ice battered the archipelago into it's present day form of inlets and havens. prior to the second world war, and since the mid 1400s, inhabitants of the archipelago were mostly farmers and fishermen. 

gradually after the war, the archipelago was discovered by artists and it became a home and an inspiration to novelists, painters and playwrights including august strindberg, roland svensson and aleister crowley. 

the red roofs are dotted against a dramatic landscape of blue/grey water and sky, and rugged rocks. little jetties provide for fishing boats and private boats. everything is on an intimate scale except the sea and sky which seem endless.

in summer, the archipelago bristles with private boats filled with people taking advantage of allemansrätt  law (meaning 'everyman's right') giving anyone the right to go ashore or anchor on any ground not in the direct vicinity of a home or cottage.

but it is the cooler season that fascinates us most, when man and cottage are dwarfed by the icy glass waters. you can almost sense the stillness or hear the whipping winds in the crisp but moody images.

perhaps it is the cosiness of the cottages that most make us want to curl up out toes and shut out the cold in blissful peace and serenity.

you can see more of anders sellin's photography here.

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