mahabis photo essay // early morning hike by lukas furlan

is there anything more invigorating than an early morning hike in the mountains? we love this refreshing and inspiring series of photos by austrian photographer lukas furlan

furlan has caught the sharp lines, soft light and enormity of the natural environment, which evokes the feeling of being dwarfed by nature. the composition of the photograph above cleverly uses perspective points to give a sense of endless nature.  i

the tiny silhouette at the peak stands out amongst a backdrop of snow tipped rocks and sweeping white clouds. his significance tells a story of a miniscule human element within a grand and stylised landscape. these shots bear a semblance to stunning tibetan landscapes and the fantasy fiction cinematography of lord of the rings. it is the sense of grandness in nature that the photographer is pursuing here.

it is only when our hiker reaches areas with quaint wooden sheds and cottages that we can be sure he is in central europe and the austrian alps. furlan has given the landscape a mystical hue.

you can see more of lukas furlan's dramatic landscape photography on his website, and the full photoessay of his early morning hike on his behance page.

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