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we've only just discovered them but efterklang are a household name in denmark.  when they announced 'the last concert' tour early this year, many of their danish fans were dismayed.

however, 2014 is a not so much a death for the indie band as a rebirth into a new creative force.

'in a way it is closure,' the band's bass player ramus stolberg recently told nowness. 'i don't think we feel a desire to cling on to that time. it's nice to remind yourself  and others that things don't last forever.'

efterklang was created by childhood friend mads brauer (electronics), casper clausen (vocals) and rasmus stolberg (bass) in 2000 and they are currently based in berlin, germany. although they call themselves an indie rock band, their music might fall better into the 90s lounge category. their tunes are subtle and mellow, and the overall feel of their music is for thinking and relaxing.

the name efterklang comes from the danish word for 'remembrance' or 'reverberation.' 

they already have a reputation for being innovative. in august 2010, they travelled to a small island off the coast of denmark and created a film the same length as an album in collaboration with french filmmaker vincent moon. the result was called an island. 

continuing this creative streak, the band are moving further from their original roots, and will now concentrate on more innovative projects including a collaboration with finnish neuroscientists and drummer tatu ronkko to compose an opera in copenhagen next year.

in the meantime, sit back and relax with one of their classic lounge-style videos.




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