mahabis photo essay // 'gray' by mayumi sugi

life is not black and white, the most interesting parts are played out in the gray area, many writers and philosophers have said it in slightly different ways.

the photographer of this photo essay, mayumi sugi, hails from the icy northern japanese city of hokkaido. this series entitled 'gray' captures an eerie and pensive ambience through old super 8 film. with seemingless disregard for normal composition, she has let light slightly flair through and let the edges fray with darkness. 

the gradation of white and grey in this image serves to bring out the sharp details in the black. framed with a seeping vignette effect, there is an additional sense of depth in these photographs.

this image has an abundance of monochromatic hues, and in conjunction with the sharpened foreground, this evokes a lush and textural illusion.

as french nobel prize winning writer andre gide once said 'gray is the colour of truth'.

sugi has also created photo essay on other colours include black, white, yellow and green. see her behance portfolio to check them out.

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