mahabis photo essay // cuts by frank bohbot

welcome to the world of brooklyn's old style barber shops. we love this series of photographs by frank bohbot and the barbershop tales they convey.

shave and cut (and some good conversation) is what you get for some loose coins in your pocket. the sheer experience of a social outing to a barber shop is perhaps one of the reasons people kept themselves so well-groomed in this period.

here all sorts of gentleman from all sorts of backgrounds lined up patiently discussing sports, politics and the community. especially in a place like brooklyn with its mix of races, cultures and the stream of newly arriving migrants there must have been some fascinating conversations and friendships forged while under the razer.

and wouldn't you want to come back again and again to this smiling barber in his homely barber shop? 

brooklyn has since moved upmarket and become a fresh and hip location. this is in part due to its proximity to manhattan, but also thanks to how it has retained a retro-vintage architecture and lifestyle. barbering with extra trimmings and treatments (and costs) is in style. but we share bohbot's hankering back to the old style 'barber shop'.

what we love about these barbers is the sense of old fashioned slow service, community and the continuation through each brooklyn generation. 

you can enjoy the rest of bohbot's photo essay at his behance portfolio or at his website

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