mahabis architecture // two hull house nova scotia

if you are dreaming of life on the high sea but don't have sea legs, this house might be the next best thing. created up by mackay-lyons sweetapple architects, two hull house sits perched above rocks watching the crashing waves from its protected glass front in nova scotia, canada. we love the design.

this style of architecture is more common in the tropics or for jungle eco-resorts in africa, but here the architects have made it work in a colder climate. you'll also notice how it uses very little land but is actually built on a platform hanging in mid air. this reduces environmental damage from cementing dunes and increases the houses floor plan.

in the summer it can be enjoyed for a classic beach holiday but it is the winter when the winds whip up the north sea that most triggers our imagination.

safe inside through the glass front the dramatic landscape and thrashing waters are the main feature with comfort and calm within. the house harnesses natural light beautifully, imitating it when it is not available. it features comfortable furniture sparsely spaced. there is little need for art work to try to compete with the view.

the canadian architects, mackay-lyons sweetapple architects are based in nova scotia. they work locally and internationally on cultural, academic and residential projects and have over 30 years’ experience with numerous awards and leadership in the development of innovative contemporary architecture.

you can see more at behance or on the website

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