mahabis furniture // rapide chair by martin saar

the rapide chair is boasting the 'sit wherever you want' factor. we love the concept of comfort, design and versatility in a clever demure shape. it may just be the perfect piece of furniture for the new trend of small house living (which encourage living with less space and clutter and being more environmentally friendly).

it also takes advantage of the indoor and outdoor and is design by estonian martin saar.

the chair is basically a lounge chair that mixes the vintage 50s and 60s styles with contemporary functionality. the shape also has clear inspiration from the wheelbarrow. 

the chair is easy to move and inviting to sit in. it encourages a relaxed posture. 


it is also a perfect chair to bring into gardens and public spaces.

the focus on natural material also gives it a sense of balance, environment, and good health. the handle is nice and big, and the chair light. we love the 60s inspired tomato red colour too, though the chair is also available in neutrals.

for more of martin saars innovative designs see his website or see more photos of this chair at his behance portfolio.

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