mahabis photo essay // dusk in japan, by takeshi tanaka

we love this journey through japan showing different facets of the country as it winds down at the end of a day. this photo essay by takeshi tanaka entitled 'sunset' is much more about its effect on everyday people in japan than the actual colour of the sky or glow of the sun

it's too early for the salarymen and office workers to pack the streets for their commute home (which usually happens well after dark). instead students and a variety of other members of society make their way home in a relaxed manner as the sun sends out some comforting golden glows.

those who can, often retirees and students, descend on the park to exercise and get a refreshing sense of nature.

as the sky gets dimmer a subtle rose hue blends into reflections over the river and sea. it seems a little empty in the lull.

outside of the city the volcano silhouette is crowned by the sun's final orange rays reminding us that this industrialised island nation is also a place of majestic landscape.

perhaps the japanese themselves only take time to notice the crashing waves and towering volcanoes when they threaten during a natural disaster. but tanaka has noted them during the sunset.

you can see more of takeshi tanaka photo essays on everyday life in japan on behance.

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