mahabis photo essay // clonbrock by zoltan bekefy

we've been totally carried away by these shots of galway. photographer zoltan bekefy has shot these breathtaking photographs, and portrays the mystery of the landscape and reveals the remnants that man has left behind. to enhance the mood, bekefy has dramatically reduced the saturation until just pastel highlights and haunting silhouettes guide the viewer through the monochrome backdrop.

clonbrock, the location of the shoot, was the estate of lord clonbrock, a norman settler from england who ruled the roost in the 18th century. it once had a grand manor surrounded by houses and villages for servants. however, over the years it was left to ruin and in finally ravished by fires in the 1980s.

bekefy takes the viewer on a journey of nostalgia through a landscape that once bustled in prosperity and is now shrouded in shameful mist.

the mood is harnessed as the perspective is crowded by leaning vegetation and paths covered in leaves. at the end of the eery path, bekefy hints towards the small promise of light at the end of the tunnel.

the rotting of this former glory was likely hastened by the climate of galway. located between the river corrib and the galway bay, the moist air and mist combine with the prevailing winds from the north atlantic to batter the landscape. or perhaps it is an illusion of clever photography, and in fact the landscape blooms. i guess you'll have to visit to find out the truth about clonbrock.

stone ruins and collapsed walls line the edges of the path which assumedly once led to lord clonbrock's door but now echo his fall.  it's no wonder galway has inspired many great poets and writers, most notably joyce. 

in the final photograph, there is surprising drama and majesty emerging from the dimness. the horses seem symbolise a sense of freedom and stand majestically like survivors of the landscape. 


to see more of bekefy, visit his website and to see the full photo essay, check out his behance portfolio.

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