mahabis landscape photography // the last light norway

there are many photographers capturing vibrant sunsets these days. but we love the gritty uniqueness of these very natural shots celebrating the most remote part of europe, northern norway, during the unusual time of last lights after one of their very long summer days.

norwegian photographer bjorg-elise tuppen has used her eye and not her imagination to capture the distant and majestic norwegian landscape with authenticity. the results are a different and are a haunting take on sunsets.

what tuppen sees is the effect of the sun on the landscape, rather than the sun itself. she seems to have favoured a wide angle lens to capture the broad landscape, allowing a grainy depth of field, in this case the top of the mountains are demure but the main focus while the sky is huge and grainy.

rose-pink and blue-inks are the main colours, not the usually gold or orange light.  shades and tones suggest the sun without us seeing it.  the wide watery landscape is haunting and wondrous. 

we love the way the water is black and grey, yet you can feel the way the tide is moving and it makes you think of the rotation of the earth and it's connection to the moon and sun without even seeing them.

at times the composition of the photography reminds us of old japanese ink paintings which concentrate on outline to represent form.

tuppen is actually an illustrator and graphic artist as well as a photographer so it is refreshing that she hasn't let photoshop or fancy techniques manipulate these photographs into something more expected. we love how we can see hints of the grains of her struggling camera lens which reminds us of how our eyes actually see the distance.

you can find more of tuppen's photo essay at her behance portfolio or her website bjorg-elise tuppen


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