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don't let a lack of space cramp your style or imagination. tiny living doesn't mean less style. while the tiny apartment movement might be common in the far east because of lack of space, and in eastern european cities due to lack of budget and a surplus of style, the logic is starting to permeate in the thinking of expensive world cities like london and new york.

we just love what polish interior design julian malik has done to his small space.

to live successfully and creatively in a small apartment means a life less cluttered and no space for material objects that aren't useful, attractive and visually interesting. every inch and every objects counts. everything is usable and interesting to look at.

and then there are the clever movable parts such as a floor that can turn into a bed or sofa. the apartment transforms from works space to entertainment space and then to a bedroom space in moments.

green is the perfect contrast colour to this little apartment. malik has also favoured light woods, glass, transparent furniture and lots of white. it's easy to clean and heat too. the white tiled floor and lots of benches for placing stuff or sitting are perfect for those lazy body, busy minds and days spent in slippers, yoga pants and a pot of green tea.

check out more of his designs at his website or at his behance portfolio.

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