mahabis architecture // plug in and relax, the vipp retreat

plug-in and relax, quite literally. the vipp shelter is a mobile home, set in glass around a steel frame that can be constructed in 3 to 5 days. all you need to do is find a place in the forest and plug it in.

what we like about this box-like iron clad structure is that it is made to be placed within a natural environment and absorb the surroundings, rather than shut it out or compete with it. during the day it literally reflects the forest. 

the objective of the vipp team was to build a mobile home almost as easy to use as a modern plug in device. the vipp team designer morten bo jensen calls it 'hybrid as a spacious, functionally generic, livable object’.  

the retreat houses up to four people, measuring 55 square metres with a simple grid structure that supports the two level space, and elevates it above the woodland floor.

large windows are designed to showcase sweeping views from the retreat's numerous living and relaxing areas, 

it comes fitted out  with hooks, lamps and kitchen appliances ensuring that the scheme retains a strong sense of identity yet at the same time it is a canvas for your creativity and the influences of the natural environment that you set it in.

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