mahabis photo essay // insomnia in finland

although entitled 'insomnia' we are not sure if these pictures are more like a dream or a surreal sleepwalk, or the no man's land caught between.

shot in finland by mika suutari, the exaggerated glow of the moon looks like the sun rising behind the sleepwalker as he takes his lone journey.

the silhouette of a figure walking through the still landscape is eerily beautiful. the lights around him are bathed in vivid colours such as dark ink blues and emerald greens. 

from the outskirts of a civilization, he journeys on a deserted road alone towards the moon. long infinite lines in the snow create a funnel pattern and our eyes are drawn towards the man and moon.

we can almost see tinges of those daylight blues and greens again. in many pictures there is also a falling star added to the sky, subtly and secretly.

we sit with the sleepwalker on a platform, surrounded by still waters and perfectly silhouetted trees. the torch light does not even slightly defuse the mirrored waters or the moon glow.

as the waking hour dawns, street lights seem to draw us back to civilization as the walker comes closer to the foreground. 

whilst we don't really known when or why we dream, this photo essay gives us sense of the other worlds that our minds mysteriously enter each night.

you can see the rest of the photo essay on saturri's behance portfolio. check out more of suutari's moody landscape photographs at

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