mahabis architecture // german mountain house by pedevilla architects

haus am muehlbach muehlen in taufers, germany is a family house created by pedevilla architects. located in the mühlwalder valley about 862 metres above sea level in the german alps, we just love the way it has been conceived around views, with each window a frame to the landscape.

the architects used local sands, lime and white cement to create a simple structure with a monolithic character. it mimmicks the mountain peak with it's slooping roof.

the three floors are connects by halos. the angles are not even, but a kind of sharpened version of the mountains behind. 

the house shows a different character from each angle, inside and out. we can just imagine putting our feet up on one of those window sills and leaning back to listen to the sound of the rushing waters.

the carefully positioned rooms are breathtaking spaces, each designed to harness those views. it is a clean canvas to fill or leave bare as your imagination desires. 

inside fittings include passeier gneiss stone granite, hand-planed elm and waxed bronze. it feels incredible private and yet with living pictures of nature framed by the windows, this german mountain house is cemented in a beautiful reality.

pedevilla architects were founded in 2005 by brothers alexander and armin pedevilla. they've made their name on challenging architectural projects in private and public spheres as well as creative interior designs and innovative design concepts. you can see more of their projects at

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