mahabis photo essay // berlin crosswalk by hans findling

We look left and right, we look out for other people and traffic, but have you ever looked right at the pedestrian crossing itself? Have you ever really seen it? Hans Findling's photo essay about a crosswalk in Berlin draws out patterns in the pavement that the busy city often ignores below the bustle.



The patterns are enhanced by his use of black and white, and the human movement that flashes across the shot. The slightly slow shutter speed and the blur of the human figure and its accompanying devices make the curves and lines of the pavement seem sharp and constant.



The cyclists or pedestrians who cross the pattern are unaware of what they walk or ride over, as they make their way to work or march through their daily routine with little thought. Yet the crosswalk in Berlin stays the same each day but for the slight chipping and fading from years of use and exposure to the elements.



The simple photo essay reminds us to be mindful and find the art and beauty in the everyday. Just looking at something from a different perspective can completely change our view of the world. Look with your eyes, look at the whole and the parts, rather than with you mind's expectation and you may be surprised at the wonder all around you.

view the full photo essay at his behance portfolio and find out more about hans findling at


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