mahabis interior design / new york loft living, the wabi-sabi residence

caught between the dream of big city living and country living, we think this new york loft apartment is an amazing space for creativity, entertaining and just kicking back. the wabi-sabi residence has been featuring across the best interior design magazines in the last 6 months, although the actual owner, designer and address remain elusive.

wabi-sabi comes from the japanese term for 'tea house'. it has taoist roots, meaning rather than the zen simplicity and precise balance, there should be a little mess and randomness, just like in nature. 

this residence has taken further liberties and added some french country house clutter too. the result is a mix of indoor and outdoor as well as some rustic comfort. you can leave paper on a table without feeling messy, you can sit on a windowsill and have your morning coffee in real sunlight, you can eat with hands and invite friends over for a night dancing into the dusk. this space feels innately social and inviting yet oozes individuality.

a home is primarily for living and that's what this space is all about. it combines an eclectic mix of furniture and storage spaces centred around spaces for relaxing, working and socialising. 

artificial light runs where only where real light won't reach, meaning during the day a balance and during the night strings of lights in key places. we love the old blackboard and chalk for brainstorming and lots of space for pacing and coming up with that next brilliant idea for the novel.

this eclectic loft apartment was photographed by darius kuzmickas of kuda photography and you can learn more about it at adore home.

but all we need to know is (besides that elusive address and owner) is when can we move in?

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