mahabis fashion photography // lay down by juco

it's hard to do anything new in fashion which is why we find this editorial spread for book moda magazine worth some closer examination. shot by the juco team these innovative 'real life' images imitate an illustration in their design and composition, rather than the usual other way around.

the model, elena sartison, is made up to look like a doll and lays down in stiff, static poses. objects are placed around her to produce patterned backgrounds. the effect is a picture that draws your eyes back for a second look- is it graphic design or photography?

in the picture above she wraps her fingers around the 3D wedge-like cones, though her hair and skirt lay flat as if a 2D illustration. the amount of directional light and shadow is key to creating this unusual effect of depth. 

each image also plays homage to an era (or two). the one above is 70s kitsch, the one below combines 20s jazz age with mod-styles. 

this image uses a clever play on half circles and the chanel logo, which gives the impression that the photo is sliced and makes the model appear more prominent.

elena was styled by jimi urquiaga with hair by david tolls, make up by homa safar and nails by kait mosher (the devil is in the detail). to see more photos from the spread click on any of the pictures.

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