mahabis adventure // owen perry's remote canadian road trip

Nothing says freedom like a road trip through some of the most remote, untouched and harsh landscapes in the world. We love how Owen Perry brings us along on his majestic journey through the far north wilderness of his beloved Canada.



CIRCA 1983 is the fine art photography work of Owen Perry who is an interactive web designer and visual artist from Whistler, British Columbia.  Perry takes inspiration from the nostalgic qualities of film and Canadian cultural narratives in his landscape and travel photography.

It all begins with 6 days of travel through Northern British Columbia. The journey meanders through BC, Hyder and Alaska, before then heading north to the Yukon, and turning back south along the Alaska Highway en route to Prince George.



In his accompanying notes he writes..

'It’s a cold, damp and foggy autumn morning — the type the Pacific Northwest is notorious for. Curious to get a lay of the land, I take a walk around town attempting and capture some of this strange and isolated place. I come across a number of charming antiques, including a mining vehicle that looks something like a cross between a vintage Citroën and a tank.'



He subtitled the photo essay,  'North British Colombia, the Alaska Highway and Weak Coffee' and we get the sense of the weary but wondrous road at this point. As the urban fades away, giving in to the wilderness, the houses and remnants of human intervention become a speck in the distance. 



The smooth dark grey cliffs reach upwards and the frothy light grey clouds mingle. Raging rivers of rock or ice cut the landscape below. There is just so much to look at.



In each trip, Perry says he "tries to follow some sort of shared aesthetic or colour palette". These shots are laden with muted pink hues. Shadows blur and merge. The traveller begins to immerse himself in the landscape, just a dot on the horizon. Perhaps this is the way it should be?



On this journey, Perry's camera captures wild moose, river fish and fabulous autumnal trees. Without giving any more of the adventure away, at about the 2/3 mark he finds himself taking a dip in an isolated rock pool in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

Luckily, Perry has comprehensively documented every step of his journey, sharing each frame and emotion with his audience. You can read the full photo essay here, or check out more of his adventures on Circa 1983. As we scroll through more of his photos, we join him on his journeys, and can almost feel the water between our toes in this tranquil shot.


Photos and words courtesy of Circa 1983. Follow Perry's journey on Instagram


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