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For the second instalment of our ‘Sunday Guide’ series, we are focusing our attention on a city that frequently tops lists of the world’s most liveable cities: Copenhagen. The Danish capital is renowned for its cleanliness, boasts the highest number of bicycle users per city in the world, and has an abundance of both indoor and outdoor spaces that are ideal for relaxation.

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The Danish have a word, hygge, that cannot be directly translated in English, but essentially means creating a warm and cosy atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with your favourite people. Danes make an effort to incorporate hygge into their everyday life, with the understanding that this helps to make them amongst the happiest people in the world. Copenhagen is a clean, friendly and interesting city to explore, with plenty of relaxing Sunday activities that can help you to introduce a little hygge into your day.


Café culture

Copenhagen is famed for its stylish cafes and eateries, the majority of which focus on clean living and healthy food. One of our favourite places to relax on a Sunday morning is in the small but bright surroundings of hipster hangout, Atelier September with a plate of their classic avocado and chilli flakes on rye bread. Another much-loved destination of the locals is Grød, where you can indulge in their extensive options of sweet and savoury porridge dishes.


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Swim in the harbour

A favourite activity of the locals is to have a brisk dip in one of the harbour swimming baths. One of the cleanest cities in the world, Copenhagen’s waters are tested each day to ensure that they are suitable for swimming. Jump straight into the cooling waters for the perfect way to escape the heat of a summer’s day, followed by relaxing on the surrounding lawn.




Walk amongst the plants

Remove yourself from the bustle of the cities busy shopping streets, and immerse yourself in nature at the calming botanical gardens. Take your time exploring the collection of glass houses, but ensure that you do not miss the spectacular palm house with its cast iron spiral staircase and intriguing array of tropical plants.


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Explore an urban park

The inspirational and innovative park, Superkiln is located in the uber hip district of Nørrebro, combining a recreational space with intriguing art works. The park is split into three zones, identified by colour: the red square is an interpretation of children’s play areas, the black and white area is designed as an urban living space, and the green park is for recreational use and sports. Wander around the park, enjoying the eclectic objects that were shipped in from countries across the world to capture the sense of a multi-cultural neighbourhood.


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Picnic in the park

One of Copenhagen’s most beloved green spaces is Frederiksberg Gardens, overlooked by the palace of a former king. Take a picnic onto one of the many lawns to while away the hours on a sunny Sunday, or enjoy a rowing boat tour, where you will be guided around the gardens.


Experience a taste sensation

The Danes love food, with Copenhagen playing host to a number of Michelin star restaurants (including NOMA, which has frequently been named as the best restaurant in the world), and a huge focus of healthy, natural eating. One of the best ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon is by strolling around the huge covered food markets of Torvehallerne, where you can purchase fresh ingredients to take home to cook, or sample a vast selection of ready to eat treats, including the Danish speciality of smørrebrød, spelt bread rolls and raw chocolate cake.


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Absorb some culture

A 30 minute train ride north of the city leads you to one of Europe’s finest museums of modern art, Louisiana. Located right by the sea, the gallery is the perfect place to spend several hours strolling amongst the sculpture garden and exploring the various halls and underground chambers that house its art collection.


Experience fine dining

Book a table at Höst to revel in the delights of new Nordic cuisine and contemporary organic interiors without the hefty price tag. The calming surroundings of the exposed concrete and reclaimed wood interiors, abundance of plant life and atmospheric candle light perfectly complement the locally sourced and quintessentially Scandinavian menu.



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