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Contrary to popular belief, not all cyclists don Lycra, skip red lights and compete with cars for top speeds. There are a growing number of individuals embracing the slow cycling movement, who commute at an unhurried pace and enjoy a relaxing ride. 

The Slow Bicycle Movement group on Facebook has over 12,000 members that discuss and celebrate cycling as a ‘normal’ form of transportation. Since the group was formed (by the CEO of Copenhagenize), slow biking sub-groups have sprung up across the world, their members enjoying the simple act of everyday cycling. 

The movement is embraced by those who prefer to take their time, enjoy the scenery and avoid the morning rush. Likewise, the ethos of the group is simple: think about your journey rather than your destination.



Whilst by definition, the movement is about 'slow' cycling, in many places travelling by bicycle is often a quicker way to navigate cities. Not to mention, it's a cost-saving solution and a great form of exercise all rolled into one. With cycling highways and bike-hire schemes, it's becoming easier than ever to ditch the car and get on your bike. 



You can mix up your daily commute by enjoying a relaxed cycle to work, perhaps riding with a friend for company, or devising an alternative route that switches up the usual scenery. You’ll likely find that you feel more awake and less sluggish when you arrive to work in the morning, and the cycle home is the perfect way to relieve stress and clear your head.



Across Europe, particularly in Denmark, Holland and France, cycling is a way of life. When the Copenhagenize Design Company recently released their 2015 index of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, it was unsurprising to find Copenhagen and Amsterdam at the top of the list.

In fact, 17 of the top 20 cities were European locations. Constantly improving cycling infrastructures certainly help to maintain large percentages of city cyclers, but even in cities that didn’t make the list, there are still ample opportunities to embrace cycling.




It's time to take cycling back and place it firmly in the category "normal way to get to work, to the shops, to the cinema". Indeed, "normal things to do". This is for those who enjoy the ride. 

- The Slow Bicycle Movement  


So, if you're keen to embrace a slower way of life, then why not start on two wheels? Check out your local cycle paths and get some inspiration from The Slow Bicycle Movement.  Enjoy the fresh air and take a leisurely ride around the city. 


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