slow travel // an ode to road trips



Summer may be over, but there’s no reason why your holidays have to be. It’s important to take regular breaks from everyday life and escape, whether it’s just for a weekend or a little longer.

As with all elements of daily life, why not take things slowly and learn to love the little details. Instead of jetting off to far flung destinations without much thought for the journey itself, why not take a road trip and consider the travel as the actual holiday?



Flying directly from A to B, you miss out on everything that there is in between. When travelling by car, you have the complete freedom to be able to stop wherever takes your fancy and explore at your own pace. There’s no need to really plan ahead that much, simply plot a general route for how to get to your destination, and drive.

Don’t assume that a road trip always involves camping or staying in motels. You can spend your days driving down country lanes or highways, and spend your nights staying in stylish hotels or rented apartments. Spend time researching online before you leave and bookmark the places where you’d like to stay along your route.



America is the home of the classic road trip; the perfect place to drive in an open top Cadillac exploring diverse landscapes and exciting cities. Traveling up the West Coast, from LA to Seattle will introduce you to an array of dramatic views and intriguing places to visit.

Stay in modernist apartments in Los Angeles, drink some of the best coffee in the world in Portland, admire contemporary art in San Francisco, and stumble across a host of hidden gems along the way.

An alternate American driving adventure is along the Ocean Highway, from Miami to Key West. Time your visit to coincide with Art Basel to absorb some culture, admire the array of Art Deco buildings around South Beach and explore the Design District to get your fill of galleries and slick home décor shops.

Once you’ve experienced enough of busy city life, take the drive down through the keys to find your own island paradise in which to relax and unwind.



There are plenty of road trips that you can do closer to home, within the UK. Driving through Scotland is a mixture of wild terrain and cosmopolitan cities, with a surprising amount of luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants on the route.

A welcome long weekend retreat from London could involve driving up to the Cotswolds and enjoying the luscious countryside, pubs and stylish accommodation on offer in the area. Or why not get away to Cornwall and bask in the seclusion and peaceful surroundings of beachside cottages and luxury seafood restaurants.

Wherever you choose to travel, bear in mind that the purpose of taking a road trip is not to rush, to take things slowly and enjoy the journey.


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