home is where you hang your hammock


Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and unwind, and what better way to indulge in complete relaxation than to climb into a hammock and sway gently to sleep.


photo: ekies resort, vourvourou bay


Synonymous with both luxury travel and adventure, they can be easily propped up between palm trees, tied up between rocks, or even slung up in the home for convenience, sleep and rest.


 photo: cadaval sola morales

Whether you are planning to visit a tropical island, a bustling city or escape into the wilderness, bring a lightweight hammock along with you to ensure that you experience the ultimate relaxation that a hammock allows for.


photo: pecan travel, malaysia


Feeling inspired to embrace some downtime? Have a scroll through the images below and book your own getaway where you can unwind in the comfort of a hammock and enjoy time disconnecting from the rest of the world.


 photo: misool eco resort, indonesia


photo: chindeni, south luangwa


Or why not have that holiday feeling at home? Check out this floating hammock bathtub from Splinter Works. An elegant and modern take on the bathroom. Relaxation redefined...


photo: splinter works


Take some inspiration from this apartment in Moscow with a built in hammock floor. Divided into 'zones', this apartment has a clean and minimalist distinction between areas for work, rest and play. 


photos: ruetemple 




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