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Whether it’s for the mountains, fjords and forests, the stylish cities, the nordic cuisine and inspiring design, there’s something about the Scandinavian way of life that is enviable. Not convinced? Follow these inspiring Scandinavian Instagrammers and see if they can change your mind.



Discover another side of Copenhagen, browse her recent Iceland images and discover some of the lesser documented Danish destinations with Sheila’s feed. Her lovingly laid back account is full of slow living inspiration. Crumpled bed sheets, well-lit gallery spaces, secluded beaches and outdoor communal meals all feature heavily.




Based in Copenhagen, Pernille Knudsen explores the hidden corners of her city. She shares the interiors and exteriors of some of her favourite buildings alongside suggestions for countryside getaways and the best places to eat and drink.




Concentrating predominantly on the clean lines of contemporary Scandinavian structural design, Viktor’s account is enough to convince any architecture advocate to visit Copenhagen.




Showcasing her love of freshly prepared and immaculately presented food, Marie’s gallery reminds us that the delectable and healthy cuisine is one of the key reasons for visiting Nordic destinations. Mixed in amongst culinary shots, she also shares her favourite tranquil spots to relax.




Reminding us that it’s important to embrace downtime and relax, this account is dedicated to slow living. Whether enjoying a steaming cup of coffee, reading a book wrapped up in a warm blanket or collecting fresh vegetables, the Norwegian account owner epitomises a slow living lifestyle.




Posting her favourite corners of Denmark, Nana’s photographs create impressions of a peaceful paradise. Her feed showcases her favourite destinations for dining, drinking, relaxing and sampling the array of culture on offer in and around Copenhagen.




Norwegian interior stylist, Per Olav Sølvberg shares a series of snapshots of his daily life, ranging from elements of his work to local landscapes. Expect a fusion of stylish contemporary interiors and classic coffee shots juxtaposing with more rustic images of nature and craftsmanship.




Gothenburg-dwelling Linea captures a collection of carefully composed images that perfectly represent the closeness of nature and culture in her city. From art exhibitions and coffee shops to diving in the archipelago, Linea’s account fills us with a romanticised notion of life in Sweden.




Maja’s feed introduces us to the slow pace of life in the small Norwegian city of Bergen. Photographs of snow-covered mountains and dense forests are mixed in amongst images of contemporary Scandinavian architecture, sleek white interiors and flatlays of coffee and meal preparations.




Experience Copenhagen through Viktor’s lens, as he visits contemporary art exhibitions, takes day trips to the coast, and photographs some of the city’s most impressive landmarks. If you are interested in modern architecture, Viktor’s images accentuate the clean lines of some of Copenhagen’s most famous contemporary buildings.


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