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There’s something incredibly poignant about looking down on the world from above. Professional pilot and photographer, Luc Busquin has perfected his art of skyscapes; combining his fascination with the sky and love of photography to present thought-provoking views and scarcely seen views of the world.



Although Busquin was born in Belgium, he has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 2002. A self-taught photographer, his views of the earth from the sky are predominantly taken as he flies above American landscapes.



Concentrating on how clouds, landscapes and night time scenes appear from above, Busquin’s images aim to showcase the relationship between the sky above and the land below. Scale is an important element to his work. Clouds appear tiny, casting shadows on fields below, or humongous and threatening, about to unleash mayhem in the form of a storm. Gigantic craters or towering mountains are reduced to miniature, towns are tiny and surrounded by vast plains, and fields become complex mosaics.



There is a peaceful and relaxing aesthetic to Busquin’s skyscapes. They offer a view that many of us will not get the chance to witness first hand, allowing us to sit back and imagine what the world looks like from above. 



His photographs of clouds in particular have a somewhat dreamlike theme to them. The simplicity and calmness of the images makes them the perfect choice for exhibiting in a room that you retreat to for downtime.



Busquin cites that his goal with his aerial photography is to remove the presence of the aircraft from his images, so he can create a view of the sky that is clear from the machines that he requires in order to be up there. Subsequently, we are left with the appearance that the photographer is flying above the world. 



All images by Luc Busquin.

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