mahabis retreat // the 'relax park' in ukraine


Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Head to the middle of a pine forest. Relax in the comfort of a modernist retreat. Check out this 'Relax Park' designed by YOD design lab.

With a collection of individual guest houses, this complex in the Ukrainian region of Poltava includes a peaceful spa, swimming pools, and woodland surroundings. The secluded location makes it easy to enjoy the peace and quiet, the buildings are designed with relaxation and being at one with nature in mind.



Constructed within just two months, the guest houses are works of architectural genius. The design carefully considers the relationship between the structures and the forest outside, making it appear as though it has seemingly been born from the forest.

Created from a base of lightweight metal framework, each building is built upon a wooden deck that helps to place them within the trees without damaging the root structures. The wooden floors mirror the surrounding forest, creating buildings that are harmonious with their surroundings.



Three of the walls are finished in wood, again blending in with the surrounding trees, whilst the front of each building is taken up by a huge floor-to-ceiling window that allows visitors to enjoy nature without leaving the building. The external glass door allows guests to step out onto the deck if in need of fresh air.




Inside, the walls and ceiling are crafted from a light plywood, creating a calming and serene aesthetic. Only natural materials and natural colours are used within the guest houses, with the use of straight lines and sharp edges helping to give the interiors a contemporary edge. Somewhat reminiscent of traditional Japanese interiors, there are also elements of Scandinavian influences within the structures.

Ideal for downtime, Relax Park is completely designed with relaxation in mind. There are little distractions within the guest houses, their location is positioned to allow guests to be at one with nature, and the use of organic colours is soothing and restful. Head here when feeling stressed and run-down to rejuvenate and indulge in some well earned rest.


Images via Behance.

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