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Mornings can be stressful and hectic. Sleeping in late, rushing around, missing breakfast and running for the train. Avoid getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Learn to slow down your mornings, get ready for the day with a relaxed pace, and set yourself up for the day. 

Ween yourself off the snooze button. For one day a week, practice getting out of bed as soon as you awake, rather than settling back into the comfort of your duvet. Once you are up and out of bed, jump straight into the shower to refresh the senses and clear away any dreariness.


It’s the small things that matter in the mornings. Whether that is enjoying perfectly poached eggs, taking the time to read a chapter of a book, slowly drinking a steaming cup of coffee, or getting into the right frame of mind for the rest of the day with a yoga session.

Joseph Meehan from Huckberry adds that "performing a ritual before consumption of food or beverage can increase enjoyment and perceived value of the item in question". His ritual?

"I always take a sip of the freshly-brewed black coffee before adding any cream or sugar or anything else. Something appeals to me about tasting the coffee in its most pure form before adding anything else to it, so this makes the ritual feel very personal."



By adding a similar element of ritual to your morning, you're adding something of value, that will prompt a brighter wake-up as you spring from the sheets.  

Breakfast is also a must. Too often we speed through the morning, rushing to get out of the door and breakfast is long forgotten. There's no need for an elaborate meal. Prepare something the night before, or whip up something simple in the morning.   

If you've given yourself enough time, then fitting in some light exercise or even just some fresh air in the morning is a great idea. Whether you skip the bus and take a walk instead, or sign up for a morning yoga class, a spot of exercise before you settle down at the desk is a useful way to get yourself in the right frame of mind. 

If you can't avoid the commute, then take the time to read the newspaper or a magazine, or bring along a book. Reading a print publication uses a different part of your brain that scrolling through electronic screens, and will help to get your brain in gear for a busy day.



Once you arrive in the office, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all of your daily tasks. Instead, write yourself a simple list of what you'd like to achieve in the day. Keep realistic about the time certain tasks will take, and prioritise which ones to scratch off during the day. To keep your mind refreshed ensure you take small microbreaks

Enjoying these simple morning activities at a slow and relaxed pace, rather than rushing through your mornings, will help to prepare yourself for the day ahead with a calm and tranquil mentality.


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