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Sometimes it takes a clear-out in order to completely relax and de-stress. Whether it's a messy workspace or a packed inbox, chaos and clutter can cloud your mind and distract you from the task at hand. 

Modern life is full of distractions, and in order to fully relax and take enjoy a slower pace, it helps to keep your space clutter free.  Keeping things minimal can keep the calm, so take a look at our tips on how to unclutter your life and start your day afresh. 


Unclutter your inbox

The looming shadow of unread emails can be a daunting one.  Particularly if you're a prolific signer-upper to newsletters, promotions or spam. As the number mounts over that little mail symbol, opening your inbox can be off-putting.

So. Dedicate some time to organising your entire inbox, to sift through unread emails, file existing messages into folders, and unsubscribe from the unnecessary. Once you've instigated a clean-up it'll be easier to keep organised from then onwards, and checking your inbox will feel a lot less arduous. 




Clear your desk      

When it comes to working at your desk, keep it simple. Computer. Paper. Pen.

Clear away anything that you don’t use daily into drawers and folders, use desk trays for paperwork that you are currently working on. Keep a noticeboard or pegboard above your desk, where you can pin any important information and minimise the usage of messy post-it notes. Keep your stationery to a minimum.




Streamline your wardrobe

Strip it back to the essentials. If you don't wear it, don't keep it. Try a clothes exchange with friends, or donate unwanted items away. Keep a capsule wardrobe for each season, and organise it from head to toe. Summer mahabis and your classics, essentials of course...



Simplify your bedside table

It's the first thing you see as you wake up, so be greeted with simple necessities rather than a pile of belongings. Use a soft bulb in your reading lamp, so it's less harsh on tired eyes on a dark winter morning. Place your current book or magazine beside the bed, for mornings when you want to lie in, but need to engage your brain. And most importantly, invest in a quality alarm clock and leave your phone on the other side of the room to discourage late night or early morning scrolling.


Prioritise your hours

Juggling the pressures of work and life can be overwhelming. Dates, events and tasks to remember, and only 24 hours to do so. Split your day up into sections, prioritise what needs doing and when, and you'll find it easier to keep a hold of time. Whilst we'd all like an extra hour in our day (check out our 25th hour series), it's easier to keep on top of those twenty four when you start the day fresh, with an uncluttered mind. 


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