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Yoga and slippers are two words you might not associate with the Godfather of Drum and Bass, Goldie.

However, our latest ambassador, whilst famed for his gold teeth, graffiti and renowned album Timeless, is now successfully proving that yoga is 'not about being a tree hugger'. 

Quite literally turning conceptions of meditation on it's head, Goldie set up his own practice, Yogangster, over 5 years ago. Having spoken openly about the transformative effect yoga has had on his own life, he's now showing that people from all walks of life can embrace zen and turn things around.

Galvanised by yoga, Goldie's old addictions are now replaced by a healthy fix for Bikram, bringing new focus to his work and an admirable peace of mind. 

In between DJing and a hectic touring schedule, Goldie talks to us about how he spends his downtime painting, watching David Attenborough, relaxing in Thailand, and laughing with wife Mika and family.


A typical day in the life of Goldie..

Balancing commitments means an early start for Goldie. "I wake up around 5am, check my emails, Twitter etc, make a cup of tea, drop of my daughter Koko at nursery, then head over to practice Bikram yoga."

Bikram involves a variety of yoga postures conducted in a room heated to around 104°F. Since 2010, Goldie has toured hotrooms of the world, and religiously now starts the day with a session. 

"Then it's either a lunch meeting at a Jamaican or Japanese restaurant followed by a few more meetings, phone calls, emails & downloading new tracks before its time to pick up Koko from nursery. Then it's dinner time, usually something deliciously prepared by my wife, Mika."

Then I will jump on my Xbox and play a few rounds of Call of Duty with my mates and then maybe watch a few episodes of nature programs before bed. "


Godfather of DnB and Yogangster

In a previous interview, Goldie commented that due to yoga, he's done more work in 3 years than he did in 10.  He adds, "it's allowed me to keep up with kids half my age!"

"I really want to change people's perception of yoga. It's not about being a tree hugger, yoga is physically and mentally challenging."

"When I use the term "gangster" Its to imply an individual who is taking what's theirs, seizing every opportunity. The feeling I get from my yoga practice is unbelievable empowerment, it's a renewable force."

"I really want people of all walks of life to practice so they too can transform their lives. I felt there wasn't anything out there in terms of relevant product and branding."


goldie in thailand // credit: chelone wolf,


From the yoga class to the art studio...

"Most people don't realise that painting was my first creative passion, nearly a decade before I began my musical journey."

Goldie had his first solo exhibition was when he was just 17 in Wolverhampton. "After appearing in Bombin' I then went on to live in New York and had the opportunity to paint alongside some of the greatest graffiti artists in the world (TATS CRU)"

Since then, he's continued painting, and his current work reflects his own interpretation of contemporary art and an evolution of the previous graffiti style he took around the world. 

"I just completed a collection entitled "LOST TRIBEZ" and I'm currently working on a series about "SHAMAN WOMEN" and I'll be painting the NEW collection over the winter in my studio in Thailand."


What’s next on the cards for Goldie? 

"New painting collection, new studio album, and touring Timeless Live."


Goldie and Downtime...

Having built their dream home in Thailand, Goldie and wife Mika now share their time between the UK and Phuket. Goldie adds that they moved there as it was where they were married, but also due to "the beauty in both the landscape and culture", and "the kindness and acceptance of it's people". 


feet up in thailand with wife mika and daughter koko // credit: chelone wolf,


"I definitely have a hectic diary, especially when I'm on tour djing, so my ultimate downtime is spending time with my family, a nice Sunday roast (cooked by my wife!) and watching interesting films and series. I'm a huge P.T. Anderson fan. Magnolia is one of my favourite films. I'm also big into nature programmes, David Attenborough is an OG."


If Goldie had an extra hour in the day...  

"I would spend it making my wife laugh."


Goldie's mahabis of choice: 

larvik dark grey gold edition (...obviously).


credits: photography by chelone wolf,, @chelonewolf


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