mahabis interiors // natural lighting with 'boom #1'


When it comes to light fittings, BOOM#1 certainly make a statement, bringing a whole new meaning to the idea of natural lighting. We love the look of this striking piece, and the fusion between indoor and outdoor fits perfectly with the mahabis lifestyle.



A Dutch design company introduced this timeless piece, and created by Erwin Slierings, the signature design combines minimalism with natural materials. 



The hybrid of ancient materials with new technology is what makes this design really stand out. The fixtures are seamlessly integrated into the wood, and the natural junctures in the wood grain make each piece unique. 




"The combination of a natural feel with modern aspects and warm white light creates a beacon of peace, [...] from rural to industrial, from home to office or in the garden."



"To keep the element of nature as close as possible, we use 100% approved plantation teak from Costa Rica. The regulated plantations act as spacers between natural reserves, and thus help the development of nature."



The BOOM#1 light is available to view at a handful of locations in the Netherlands, and you can find out more about their retailers and the design on the website.  


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