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Travelling by plane isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Yes, it’s the quickest way to get you from A to B, but it’s hardly the most relaxing way to travel. Factor in long queues, even longer waiting times, uncomfortable seats and fears of heights and you start to think that you’d be better off staying at home. Read on for our suggestions of how you can make the most out of air travel and relax throughout your journey.


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Give it time

Rushing through the terminal only to find yourself at the back of a huge queue through security when your flight time is rapidly approaching is not the way to start a relaxing journey. Arrange to arrive at the airport with adequate time to spare, so you can spend time unwinding and leisurely stroll to the gate. 


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Eat at the airport

As cabin pressure can numb the taste buds, and airplane food leaves a lot to be desired, use your extra time in the terminal to have something to eat. Get some small bites to snack on whilst onboard, and keep hydrated to lessen the jet lag.


Unwind before boarding

If you’ve arrived with time to while away before boarding, then use the spare time to unwind pre take-off. Since you're likely to be strapped in and sat down for the duration of the flight, spend some time stretching your legs. Whilst a walk round the terminal might not be inspiring, take a wander round to the gates, or somewhere less busy to look down on the planes departing.


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Find a quiet place and settle down to read a good book. Plug in some headphones and put on your favourite tracks to unwind to. Before your journey, download some films onto your laptop and watch the first half of a movie that you can finish off on the plane. 

If you’re a nervous flyer, air travel can be even more stressful. To distract yourself from take-off, concentrate on something else: meditation, counting, breathing, reading, whatever suits you best. 


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Remember the essentials

Most importantly, keep the essentials to hand. Yes, passport, boarding tickets, phone etc. But we're talking about the things you always wish you'd brought along once you're sat down in your seat (when someone else's reading light is shining down on you, or children in front are acting up).


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Whether you are flying first-class across the world or will only be in the air for a couple of hours on a budget airline, comfort is key. Pack an eye mask, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to shut out any distracting noise, and your mahabis to slide into. Check out Wired's great packing guide to making your flight bearable.


Pack the essentials. Fly with ease. Enjoy the journey. 


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