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It can be hard to incorporate relaxation into your day to day life. When you've got a busy schedule, finding the time to fully commit to downtime is can be difficult. At the end of a busy and stressful day, most people simply want to sit in front of the television, or unwind with a drink. But if you're more time starved than usual, there are a number of ways in which you can integrate downtime into your daily routine.


Write a line a day 

Keeping a diary can be a great way to unwind at the end of a long day. But, they can be pretty time consuming if you're not willing to sit down and log the days activities at length. One of our favourite discoveries has been the 'One Line A Day' journal. Quick. Simple. Effective. A great way to log memories, and have a concise look back on the last 5 years. Plus, with just a line to fill, there's no room for ad-libbing or exaggeration. Hence, guilt-free if you've spent your day lounging in mahabis. We like it. Check them out, they are available to buy on Amazon, and most major book stores. 



Dark Chocolate and Green Tea

We're not wholly convinced that this is the best way to relax. Eating chocolate for five minutes straight might release endorphins, but sounds like a bit of a sneaky cop-out. However, some studies have shown that a few small squares of dark chocolate everyday can help to lower your blood pressure. Plus, it contains a bunch of antioxidants and minerals, including magnesium, iron and copper. 

Paired with green tea, and you're on track for 5 minute chill in no time. Known for a wealth of health benefits, from stress reduction to metabolism boosts and concentration improvements, drinking a few cups a day is a great way to unwind. 




Strike a pose

Whilst you might be left feeling more zen after a 30 minute yoga session, there's plenty that you can squeeze into just five minutes. Stretch, improve your flexibility, and hold a pose. Start out at beginner level and work your way up. Check out our interview with the YoGogirls for some more adventurous yoga inspiration. 



Eat oranges

Citrus scents and fruits are known for their restorative benefits. Some studies have shown that the smell of the zest alone can help you to unwind. Carry a couple of oranges with you for an on-the-go vitamin boost, and and some zing to your water by infusing lemons or limes.  


Improve your posture

Along with yoga, there are several ways to improve your posture over time.  The Alexander technique is used to teach people how to hold their bodies in the way that nature intended and to dismiss all of the bad posture habits that we pick up over time. The technique can be a great way to relieve stress and feel more comfortable, and alert. You will have to initially invest an hour or so per week into learning the technique, but once you know what you are doing, you will be able to hold your posture correctly and feel more relaxed in everyday life.


Take a power nap

If you've got a few extra minutes, then a power nap can be a great way to inject some energy back into your day, and help reduce overall tiredness. Check out our guide to the perfect power nap here



Listen to white noise

It's not for everyone, but worth a try. When we're continuously bombarded with noise, notifications and various external stimuli. Take yourself somewhere quiet, close your eyes and listen to white noise to block out all distractions and allow yourself to relax. This technique can also help if you are in the middle of a bustling office; simply put on your headphones and tune out.


Take a reading break 

It's great to have a novel on the go, but if you're time starved and can't fit lengthy chapters into your relaxation, take a flick through some online blogs or decent magazines. Check out the rest of our journal, and watch this space for our next post on the best coffee table reading material. 


Read up on how others unwind

Check out the first part of our 25th hour series. We asked a host of ambassadors how they would spend an extra hour in their day. A good way to spend 5 minutes, and some inspiration spanning artists to adventurers.  


Get some visual inspiration

If you've been spent all day in an office, it can be refreshing to get some inspiration from the great outdoors. One of our favourite resources for inspiration is Unsplash. Check out our visual guide to chill here



 Photos via: RoxSar Blog, Unsplash, Evencki



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