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There seems to be an app for everything these days, from the alarms that wake us up, to the music we listen to, emails we send, and social networks we browse. The abundance of apps available means that it's not just our productivity that can be assisted by technology, but our relaxation too. We've had a browse through the best apps out their to aid you in your downtime. 


White noise

Do you struggle to drift off to sleep at night, or are you seeking an app to aid you when sleeping whilst travelling? Simply place a pair of noise cancelling headphones over your ears and switch on the White Noise app, where you can choose from 40 soothing and minimally distracting sounds such as waves lapping against the shore or an oscillating fan. There’s also the option to download hundreds of extra sounds, and you can even record and share your own sounds with others.


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GPS for the Soul

This free app is ideal for both measuring your stress levels and suggesting ways for you to relax. To begin, place your fingertip over the camera lens on your phone and allow the app’s sensor to measure your heart rate. The app will then consider your age, weight and gender before displaying your current stress level. If your levels are high, it will then suggest calming music to listen to or relaxing photographs to view to try to lower your stress. You can also view your breathing patterns on the app, helping you to steady your breathing and relax.



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Perfect for those moments when you need a short time out to help you focus on a task that is causing you stress, Pause both helps to relieve stress and looks visually striking. The app simply shows a small ink blob floating across your screen amongst multiple smaller dots. The aim is to use your finger to slowly guide the ink around the screen collecting the smaller dots and subsequently growing the pattern in size.

Different levels of difficulty allow you to move your finger slower or faster, but if you deviate away from your selected speed, the app will pause and remind you to allocate your full attention to it. The theory behind the app is that stress levels will decrease if you devote your attention to an entirely different task.


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Breathe 2 relax

Focusing on teaching deep-breathing techniques, Breathe 2 Relax is an ideal solution for a quick relaxation. The app is very simple, displaying instructions that teach the individual a variety of breathing exercises with a handy on-screen chart that shows how long you should hold each breath. 


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One of the very best meditation apps available, Headspace has a range of simple activities that are designed to take ten minutes each day to teach you mindfulness. Akin to traditional meditation techniques, the app demonstrates how to relax and unwind in order to improve your focus and lower stress levels. Once you have completed the beginners Take 10 programme, you then have the option to download additional meditation exercises to continue your training.


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