mahabis 2016 // downtime resolutions for a relaxing year


Make 2016 a productive and relaxing year. Follow our downtime resolutions, and share yours with us. 


Downtime shouldn't be a luxury. It's essential. Set aside time to actively disengage. Invest in it. Savour it. Unwind, fully. 


Don't settle for less. To keep you at your best, at your most productive, at your most creative, you need to be unrestrained, relaxed, comfortable. 



Relax how you choose. Whether it's indulging in a new hobby, or putting your feet up and enjoying some 'nothing time', do downtime your way. 


- photographs adapted from Victoria Siemer, check out more of her reflections series here, and her collections on Behance. To give this post a share, click on this ready-to-go tweet


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