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It's colder, wetter and a year to wait until next Christmas. But there’s no need to stay inside and sulk throughout the entire month, check out our top tips for enjoying January. 


Plan a getaway

January is the perfect time for a winter retreat to warmer climes and beautiful scenery. Book a holiday to somewhere hot where you can rest and relax on the beach, hundreds of miles away from home. 


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Make (and stick to) some New Year’s Resolutions

There’s no point resolving that you will go to the gym every day, then feeling guilty when you give it up after less than a week. Make realistic resolutions that you know you can stick to, and that will make you happier. Listen to a new record or read a new book once a month. Spend more time with your friends and family, cooking meals together. Try your hand at photography or take the dog for a walk every morning.

Keep an eye out for our downtime resolutions in the New Year.

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Check out new art

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up indoors. There’s plenty of exciting art exhibitions launching in and around London this January that will make the perfect pick-me-up day trip. Annie Leibovitz launches her retrospective of portraits of women at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station mid-January, the Whitechapel Gallery look back over the past fifty years of technological advances with an extensive exhibition, and the Saatchi Gallery celebrate their thirtieth birthday with an eagerly awaited exhibition of all-female artists. Have a look into what's available in your local area, and organise a trip out with family or friends.



Get outdoors

Make the most out of any sunshine that comes your way this winter, as it’s a lack of natural light that is likely to make you feel down. If the weather permits, take a long wintery walk in the countryside or across a city park. 


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See the streets light up

For four days in the middle of the month, more than 20 artists are coming together to light up the streets of London for an immersive art exhibition. Lumiere will run from the 14th to the 17th of January, involving neon light exhibits, surprising performances and exciting art by the likes of Julian Opie. Highlights will include a phone box in Mayfair being transformed into an aquarium, huge illuminated plants in Leicester Square and a giant glowing net sculpture strung between buildings at Oxford Circus.


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Book a weekend retreat

If a holiday abroad isn’t an option, book a weekend stay in a spa to revitalise your tired winter body. Enjoying a relaxing massage and indulge in some pampering. 


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