mahabis photography // asian cityscapes

Shanghai based, French photographer, Raphael Olivier has got us transfixed by his urban landscape photography. 

Covering mega-cities, urban jungles, and sky-scapes, his work mixes the industrial with the natural. Our favourites are the hazy shots taken at dawn and dusk. 


Olivier has lived in Asia for 10 years, travelling extensively across the region with work. His assignments range from commercial projects covering architecture and industry to corporate resorts, and documentaries.  


We love the silence in these images. Scenes that would ordinarily be bustling with people and activity are instead much emptier, illuminated by sparse lighting and overshadowed by fog or clouds. 


Whilst the silence in some shots gives them a dreamy, reflective effect, others are a little more eery and dark. 


Even the most industrial of shots, like this super-highway with skyscrapers in the background, has prominent elements of nature. His urban jungle series explores the juxtaposition between cities old and new. 



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