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When you've come home after a long day and all you want to do is put your feet up, kick of your shoes, and unwind, there are a few things you want close to hand. Your favourite slippers, a good drink, and some quality pages to have a thumb through. It could be a book you've been reading, the daily paper, or a pile of lifestyle magazines on your coffee table. From luxury travel to slow adventures, contemporary design to coffee hotspots, there's a range of independent magazines to suite everyone. 

Wondering which one to pick up? Read on. 


For coffee lovers - Drift

Published bi-annually, Drift magazine focuses on coffee culture around the world, honing in on a different city for each issue. Talking to the people who drink coffee, brew coffee, sell coffee and live and breathe coffee, the magazine delves deeper into the subject than ever before, discussing and dissecting the reasons behind why we are so addicted to a cup of Joe. Regardless of whether you've spent time in the featured cities, you are bound to discover nooks, crannies and coffee carts that you never knew existed.


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For outdoor enthusiasts - Another Escape

Split into four themed sections, Another Escape offers a unique format, exploring each of these four topics from four very different perspectives in a series of articles, interviews and photo essays. Predominantly discussing the outdoors, the themes of sustainable living, adventures in the wild and handmade goods, this the perfect tome to inspire explorations. 


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For travellers - Boat

Dissecting one inspiring city per issue, the editors of Boat magazine actually up sticks and relocate to their chosen destination every time they create a new issue. This allows them to delve deep into their chosen subject and to interact with the locals, pulling together a detailed tome that explores the hidden areas of the city, telling the stories that don't normally get told.


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For foodies - Cherry Bombe

Tantalising taste buds with tales of creative women and delicious food, Cherry Bombe is published twice a year. Filled with essays, interviews, recipes and beautifully styled photographs, the magazine celebrates the women who cook, bake, style, serve, grow and enjoy food; presenting a unique way of viewing food. Rather than concentrating solely on the taste and appearance of meals, Cherry Bombe delves into the experiences and the memories behind every dish, leaving you salivating. 


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For the green fingered - The Plant

House plants are having a bit of a moment, with the recent resurgence of creating an urban jungle in your home. The Plant is the perfect companion for any horticulture enthusiast, brimming full of botanical contents to inspire you to collect plants, to educate you on their care, and to teach you more about their wild ways. Each issue is loosely themed around a specific type of plant, bringing together photo essays, interviews, articles and illustrations by a diverse group of contributors to create a love story to their favourite fauna.


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For those who love all things Scandi - Oak the Nordic Journal

Aimed at those who have an admiration for all things Nordic, Oak the Nordic Journal perfectly captures the essence of life in Scandinavia. Covering food and drink, culture, design and traditions, this biannual publication encourages its readers to slow down and to fully understand the Scandi way of life. It's not all hygge and fikathere's in-depth features about Nordic culture and travel pieces documenting lesser known destinations.


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For those who love stories - Smith Journal

The big brother to Frankie magazine, Smith Journal is a quarterly Australian publication that aims to tell interesting stories in the manner that you would recall them to your friends in the pub. Although it is certainly well-designed and will look smart on your coffee table, the focus is on substance over style, and content is curated to appeal to those who want to learn new things and keep savvy. Looking to the future whilst keeping one foot in nostalgia, Smith is the thinking person's journal.


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For advocates of stylish interiors - Openhouse

This twice-yearly publication concentrates on interviewing creative people around the world who have opened up their homes for reasons such as supper clubs, jazz concerts, art exhibitions, selling handcrafted products, and housing travelers. All articles are published in both English and the interviewees native language, providing a fresh alternative to the majority of independent magazines that purely publish in the English language.

Alongside the interviews, Openhouse asks its contributors to share their favourite hidden places in their home towns and to recommend recipes to make for gatherings. 


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