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Wild, untamed and empty. We love this photo series entitled 'beachy dream' by Amy Wallace.

In stark contrast to tourist beaches filled with deckchairs and debris, or bays with crystal clear waters, Wallace's beach is isolated and secluded. 



The little Talbot Island State Park, located on a barrier island in Jacksonville, Florida contains salt marshes, dunes, and a maritime forest with a boardwalk to the beach. 

Whilst it's not quite a hidden secret, Wallace's photography makes it look like she's gone off the beaten track and stumbled across a diamond in the rough. With little distractions apart from the sea and sand, this spot is a great place to come and clear your mind. 



The wind may be howling, the rain may be relentless, but a gentle stroll on the beach can still be calming. Embrace the salty air, the feel of sand between your toes, and the absence of urban noise and stresses.



The benefits of seaside strolls go beyond relaxation; some studies have shown being beside the sea can both make you calm and boost your creativity. Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, believes that we have a ‘blue mind’, and that being close to water can help to calm and destress us.

Nichols writes that being close to water (and subsequently, being by the coast) gives our brains a rest from overstimulation, can induce a meditative state, helps us to relax, and inspires creativity. Exercise boost endorphins and reduces stress, so when the two are combined, you find yourself in the optimum conditions for unwinding.


Give it a go. Find your nearest secluded beach, go for a walk, and allow yourself to relax.


 photos: amy wallace via behance
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