slow adventures // urban photography from a new perspective


Exploring a city, whether it is brand new to you or somewhere you have lived all your life, can be the perfect way to unwind. By abandoning public transport and slowly wandering the streets, you can bypass the typical tourist spots and your favourite haunts to become fully immersed within the city, seeing everything from a new perspective.


Allow yourself to see the beauty in the mundane. Don’t just concentrate on the structures that dominate the guidebooks; look closer at the light and the shadows to find interesting things to admire about even the dullest buildings. If you are a keen photographer, now is the chance to take out your camera and capture the details that others will simply walk past, oblivious to the smaller picture.



Take your time, don’t rush. This is about discovering the minute details and finding the hidden beauty, rather than quickly admiring the obvious. Stroll leisurely, collecting your thoughts and stopping to peer around corners or to look at things from a unique perspective.



Tilt back your head and look up at the buildings towering above you, rather than limiting yourself to seeing everything at eye-level. You’ll discover a whole new world above your head, where light and shadow bounce off walls and blue skies provide the perfect contrast to dark walls.




Allow yourself to meander down smaller streets, away from the popular tourist and rush-hour routes. Discover interesting buildings that would never be mentioned in any guidebook, and that you would perhaps struggle to find again. Lose the map, and allow your eye to guide you, wandering down streets that captivate you. Neglect to dictate an end-point to your ambling, simply stroll at your own leisure.


All photos by stephen townsend


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