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It doesn't matter where you're heading; when it comes to packing your suitcase, there are some essentials that you need for any trip. We've curated a list of items that you should always pack to make your trip easier, more comfortable and less stressful. 


Noise-cancelling headphones

There's nothing worse than being seated next to screaming children on a flight, or arriving at your hotel to discover it's positioned next to a building site. Carry a pair of noise-cancelling headphones in your hand luggage and equip your phone with a playlist of relaxed, chilled out sounds that you can drift off whilst listening to. 


Eye mask

If you're napping during the flight, or visiting a country with longer hours of daylight (such as northern Scandi regions during the summer midnight sun), then an eye mask may be a good, and simple investment. From gel masks to silk and cashmere, there's a range to choose from online, in order to make your holiday sleep peaceful. 



Comfort is key when travelling. Whether you're in for the long-haul on a cross Atlantic flight, or curled up in the back of a card for a road trip, you want to be relaxed and at ease. Keep your feet happy and make sure your mahabis are close at hand in your carry-on. Check out our slipper bag to ensure your mahabis are protected when on-the-go. If you're heading off to warmer climes, then opt for our summer edition (even more lightweight and breathable), or if you're planning to cosy up on your trip, then choose our classics (versatile, and a touch warmer). 


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It goes without saying, but a camera is essential for capturing all of the memorable moments of your trip. Though we're light packers, having extra space in your bag for a digitial and an analogue camera is definitely worthwhile. If you're short on space, opt for a compact, or rely on your smartphone camera for quick captures on the move. Once you're back from your adventures, check out Artifact Uprising for the smartest photo books around. 



To save space, banish a pile of heavy books and slip your Kindle into your hand luggage. It'll be a guaranteed boredom-buster during long flights, and will provide you with that well-earned escapism when relaxing pool-side. Plus, you can read easily at night with the help of the light-up screen. If you're still a fan of gripping an old novel and flicking through sandy pages, then check out Etsy for handmade book sleeves and protectors to make sure your book isn't crushed in your luggage. 


Electrical adapter

If you frequently travel to different destinations, it can be irritating to purchase new plug adapters for every country. The Tumi adapter conveniently provides four different plug configurations that work in over 150 countries worldwide. Supplying a safe way to charge your gadgets, it works for a variety of camera, smart phones, travel speakers and much more. 


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Whether your're heading to a tropical island, a cosmopolitan city or a snowy ski resort, pack your shades. Not only will they shield and protect your eyes from the sun, but they're also the perfect camouflage after a late night. 


Nap pillow

Dubbed as one of the weirdest products you 'never knew you needed' (source), the 'Nap Anywhere' pillow is far from your conventional travel pillow.  Providing a minimalist ergonomic design that offers incredible neck support, the Nap Anywhere pillow is easy to store away, and easily packable in your hand luggage. The innovative design was developed by a physician with an excellent understanding of the human anatomy, who was seeking to develop the ultimate travel pillow. The top part of the pillow cradles your head, whilst the bottom section moulds around your neck and shoulders to evenly distribute the weight of your head. 


and you're off... 

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