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Tristan Cameron-Harper, one half of the talented blogging duo North-Blog, is in his third season with the Braehead Clan, a Scottish professional ice hockey team. However, when off the rink, you'll find him exploring the Scottish highlands, modelling behind the camera, shooting the latest brands, and chilling in his mahabis. We talk to Tristan about how he balances his commitments, and how he spends his downtime. 


Before we begin, tell us what you do in one sentence.

I play Professional Ice Hockey, Model, Blog & Adventure. 


How did you first get involved in ice hockey?

I first got into Ice Hockey at the age of 7 after l started going skating a few times, then one thing lead to another & l was then introduced to Ice Hockey which l fell in love with right away. 


There must be a pretty big contrast between your work modelling and time spent with the Braehead Clan. How do you balance the two, and do you enjoy the change of scene?

Balancing Modelling & Hockey can definitely be a challenge, and there's many times when l have had to turn down a Modelling job because of Hockey.  I can't even count the amount of times l have had to rush out of practice either for a Modelling job or casting, but the toughest has to be when l get back at 6 in the morning from a long road game making sure l make it on time for a Job that starts at 8am with very little sleep plus feeling a little banged up after a tough hockey game (hopefully with no bashes on my face either haha).

The change of scene is great as you can imagine the fashion industry is extremely different from the sports scene, being in the sports industry there is a certain professionalism you must keep but when your in the modelling world there really is no rules other than don't mess up so overall for me l get a constant buzz from both scenes.



We’re big fans of North Blog here at mahabis, what inspired you to get the blog started, and where do you see it heading? 

First of all thankyou so much for supporting my blog.  Myself & blog partner Jawn McClenaghan met randomly through a mutual friend, which at first l thought was just another friendly encounter, but then we got chatting and before we knew it we were on the same page with so many similar goals in mind... which lead to the birth of North Blog. 

Our blog l think is an interesting one as you see so many other blogs which are all so similar. So for us we wanted to make sure that ours stood out & looked sharp.  North Blog from my perspective has a variety of different roads it could go down but for now we really want to push the adventure side of it while working with unique brands, build up our following & most importantly sharing with the world how beautiful our natural landscape is.




Your photoshoot locations are always far from the ordinary. From the Braehead changing rooms, to the forests of Balmaha and Paisley’s ‘Car Pak in the Sky’, what inspires where you decide to shoot? 

The inspiration really just comes from what l enjoy doing in my spare time, l love exploring all sorts of landscapes and especially anything that gets my heart racing, so you can say l'm a little bit of an adrenaline junkie.  I feel like sometimes people think things look harder than they actually are to do, for example hiking up a small munro in Scotland. It's a great place to shoot, not only because it's beautiful but we get the opportunity to show everyone how easy and accessible it is to do this while capturing some amazing images with some wicked brands. 

People don't always realise l play professional Ice Hockey, so shooting things in the Braehead Clan dressing room is always nice because it gives people an insight not only into my modelling life, but also my life behind the scenes with Ice Hockey.


With ice hockey, modelling, and creating content for North Blog, you must have a fairly hectic schedule. How do you keep on top of it all, and is there anything you do in particular to keep yourself organised? 

Well you're very right there, l do have a hectic schedule, but for me this is not a problem, l love being busy. Of course l do love a challenge, but having all this happening at once can be a tad stressful.  

l make sure l always find time for myself, this is very important not only for me but for anyone who feels like they're over doing it. 

I like to get away. Like l previously said l enjoy adventuring, so what l tend to do is look on a map, pick a munro or a big hill, someplace l haven't been, then l go explore but l always make sure to bring my notepad.  You just never know if that random location l picked may be a cool place to shoot for our blog or maybe even might get a great idea, which normally tends to be the case when lm adventuring solo. 

I am also a strong believer and supporter of Yoga/Meditation, l believe being in tune with the body, mind and soul is extremely important for success.  These are my personal secrets for keeping myself balanced.



Talk us through your typical evening routine.  

After a long hard busy day what l tend to do when l walk through the door is l get changed into my comfy clothes, mahabis go on, I catch up on some emails, then l will get dinner cooked.  Once l'm all done eating, then it's super chillax time, so it's time to get comfortable either on the couch or in bed. Then l will read a book, maybe do a little meditation after reading, focusing on the personal goals l want to achieve before lights out. 


How important is downtime for you?

Downtime is extremely important to me, we live in such a fast generation these days where everything seems to be moving at 100mph, or at least thats how l feel.  l believe taking a step back, breathing, reassessing & moving forward is key for any person who wants to grow.


Which mahabis colour combination did you go for and why? 

l went for the mahabis larvik light grey with black sole because l like my achromatic colours. Plus, this is a colour l can fit in with my lifestyle easily, but l do plan on getting more colours for my bright summer adventures. 



We loved your post-match photos wearing mahabis in the changing room. Why do you enjoy wearing them after training, and when/where else do you slip them on?

I enjoy wearing them after training/matches because it's such a great, comfortable feeling when my feet have been in skates for a full hockey game.  l also rock them around the house or when l'm nipping out & about. 


If you had an extra hour in the day, how would you spend it?

If l had an extra hour in the day l would be spending that extra bit exploring wherever l can. 



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All images, courtesy of North-Blog.

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