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Iceland is like nowhere else on earth; the perfect destination to get away from it all and unwind surrounded by nature’s beauty. The landscapes range from tumbling waterfalls and dramatic mountains to ancient lava fields and bubbling mud pools. This diversity of both moody and ethereal landscapes is perfectly encapsulated by Daphne Kotsiani’s series of photographs.

Classical musician and accomplished photographer, Daphne Kotsiani is based in Greece. Since 2008, she has used photography as her main form of expression, and five years ago self-published her own photo-book entitled 'Iceland - In the land of ice and fire'. You can browse the rest of her work, and check out her book here



Journeying through Iceland, the scenery changes as fast as the weather. One moment you will be driving down an isolated road surrounded by lava fields, the next you will find yourself driving beside a glacial lagoon or a towering volcano. Daphne’s images showcases the variety of the scenes that you will pass along Route One. Where else on earth could you witness all of these sights within a three day drive?




The hues of the natural landscapes far surpass what you are used to. The greens are deeper and brighter, the blues icy and opaque, the browns rich and filled with flecks of red and yellow. Daphne’s photographs display the otherworldly tones, as milky blue pools of water blend into orange and pink volcanic earth, and gigantic glaciers shift in tone from crisp white to murky black and bright aquamarine.



If your idea of downtime involves getting up close and personal with nature, there is no better destination. Clear your head with long walks on black sand beaches or up to the summit of towering volcanoes, the wind whipping your hair as you hike. Sit and relax by the side of a glacial lake, watching the colours of the sunset dance upon the icebergs. Sit back in your seat and watch the scenery go by as you are driven through remarkable landscapes. Take your time, don’t rush, and enjoy all that Iceland has to offer.



Feeling inspired by Daphne’s photos? Discover our guide to a Slow Road Trip in Iceland and plan your own Icelandic adventure. 


photos: daphne kotsiani via behance

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