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Travelling, and the planning involved in organising a trip can be incredibly stressful. We’ve compiled a simple guide to help you to slow things down, concentrating more on enjoying the moment that planning strict itineraries.


Booking flights, finding the perfect accommodation and planning to squeeze in as much sight-seeing as possible into your trip isn’t the most relaxing way to start your holiday. Some of you may enjoy the planning stage, but the majority of people would like the load lightened.

There are an array of luxury online travel agencies that will happily do all of the work for you, helping you to plan your perfect trip. Websites such as Black Tomato, Carrier, Virtuoso and Destinology have dedicated teams of advisors, who have travelled all around the world themselves to gain the knowledge to plan the perfect bespoke trip for you. Simply let your advisor know where you would like to travel to and what you would like to get out of your trip, then sit back and relax.


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A beach holiday might seem like the most obvious choice for a relaxing getaway; spending a fortnight laid on a sun lounger surrounded by palm trees and crystal clear waters. However, keep your mind open to alternatives. We’re strong advocates of slow road trips and relaxing city breaks. Try searching through our previous Sunday Guides to plan a slow-paced city retreat that’s more about ambling down intriguing streets and visiting art galleries than rushing around attempting to tick off as many tourist hotspots as possible. Or hire a car and enjoy a relaxing road trip without a strict itinerary, stopping off wherever you please to admire the views and explore your surroundings.

Alternatively, why not seek out a specialist holiday with a focus on relaxation. You could spend a week sailing around the Greek islands on a chartered yacht, on a yoga retreat in Goa, travelling by train in the Norwegian fjords, or being pampered in a luxury spa.


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Wherever you have decided upon for your getaway, it’s easy to get carried away with early mornings, late nights and fast paced days. Planning an unrealistic itinerary, packed full of sights to see and places to visit is only going to create unnecessary levels of stress as you race around trying to pack in as much as possible.

Allow yourself long, lazy mornings. Linger over breakfast, enjoying quality time with your travel companions. If you want to see as much as possible, find a breakfast spot with great views where you can loiter for a couple of hours, drinking in the scenery at the same time as your coffee.


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Take time to meander around your surroundings, whether that means strolling down a beach, losing your way in a maze of city streets, or trekking through a rainforest. Don’t rush, adopt a slow pace that allows you to investigate the locations as you pass. Take time to notice the little details that you may have missed if you were in a hurry.

Don’t eat lunch on the go. Make the time to sit down and enjoy your meal, rather than grabbing street food that you can eat on the go. Rushing through meals is a very British tradition, and you will find that the locals in your chosen destination make more of an effort to enjoy their food, seeing meal times as social occasions. Enjoying a long lunch is the perfect way to sample the local cuisine and culture at the same time.


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Indulge in relaxing activities, rather than rushing to see as much as possible. If you’re on a road trip and you see a sign for a thermal spa, park up and spend a couple of hours unwinding in natural mineral waters. If you stumble across a sculpture park, allow yourself the time to explore it at your own pace, rather than joining a tour. If you discover an afternoon yoga class on the beach, join in and enjoy the benefits of stretching your muscles.

In the evenings, balance your time between slow paced suppers and drinks at sunset, and unique excursions that only happen at night. You might be able to drive out to the wilderness and lie on a blanket searching for the Northern Lights. There may be an evening boat trip available, where you can sit back and relax whilst watching the twinkling lights of a city or the ethereal glowing of bio luminescence in the sea. Some cities may light up with neon artwork once the sun goes down, or street performers may appear to entertain visitors. Or there may be the opportunity to join nocturnal wildlife tours to see indigenous animals that only come out at night.

Wherever you plan on visiting, the best way to ensure that you get the relaxation you need is to take things slowly. Throw out the itinerary and allow yourself to explore your surroundings at your own pace, taking a calmer approach to travelling.



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