work space spotlight // part one



The place that you work from can make a huge difference to your productivity. Too much clutter and too many distractions surrounding you can be off-putting to your work, especially if you work from home. 

Our new Work Space Spotlight series will be browsing home-offices around the world, from the desks of young writers, to the studios of recording artists.  In our first post, we're looking closer to home, and caught up with one of our own freelance writers, Emma. 



"We don't have the space in our house to dedicate an entire room to a home office, so when we decided to make-over our front room into our new living room, we planned in a corner that could be dedicated to my work space. 

We only had a small, uneven alcove to work with, and it would have been impossible to find a desk that fit into the space, so my boyfriend built my desk himself out of sheets of plywood. We then painting it white, as I wanted a clean and minimal corner to help me concentrate. 

Previously, I'd been perched on the sofa with my laptop on my knee, which wasn't very productive at all. It was easy to find distractions and my back was beginning to ache. Having a dedicated space to work from has made a huge difference to my work, especially having a blank white wall in front of me with nothing to deter me from my current thought process."



"Although I've kept this corner of the room white, I can't help but add items to my desk to break up the simplicity. Every single item that I place into the room is carefully considered, and that includes the area surrounding my desk. 

On the desk itself, I keep a selection of notebooks, essential stationery, a lamp and a couple of plants. I keep items such as paperclips stored away within zip lock pouches, and store my pens and pencils in a pot to try to keep everything neat and tidy. A tidy work space helps to keep you focused on the task in hand."



"I love having plants around me for both aesthetic reasons, and the numerous health benefits that are associated with keeping house plants. They filter the air in the room, and can actually aid with concentration. Studies have shown that having plants in your work space can even increase memory retention. They also make great Instagram props! At the moments there are two succulents sat on my desk and a trailing ivy that is slowly creeping its way down from the shelves above." 



"Above my desk are a couple of floating wooden shelves, where I have curated a selection of objects that either have a personal meaning or inspire me. There's a painting by my boyfriend's father, a couple of objects that were gifted to me and a big piece of aquamarine glass that looks like an iceberg from my boyfriend's childhood. We're planning on visiting Iceland soon, and every time I look at that piece of glass I get excited about seeing Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon! 

My favourite coffee table books sit on the shelves in pride of place, including my Kinfolk duo and a book named The Outsiders that is all about escaping to the wilderness. My 'Take to the Hills' print reminds me that once I finish my work for the week I can escape into the countryside and indulge in my passion for walking. I do a lot of travel writing, so I'm currently seeking a print of a world map to add to my display." 



"When I first started working from home, I found it difficult to deviate from work time to leisure time. Having a dedicated desk really helps with that; I always work up to my desk and retreat to the sofa for breaks. It also helps to get dressed every morning as if I am going into an office, rather than slobbing around in pyjamas all day."

"I opt for comfortable clothes, and my mahabis are always on my feet, providing the perfect shoes for working from home."


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